Serrano Universe

Hunting Party. Baen Books. July, 1993. ISBN 0-671-72176-3

Sporting Chance. Baen Books. September, 1994. ISBN 0-671-87619-8

Winning Colors. Baen Books. August, 1995. ISBN 0-671-87677-5

Once a Hero. Baen Books. March, 1997. ISBN 0-671-87769-0 (HC)
ISBN 0-671-87871-9 (PB)

Rules of Engagement. Baen Books. December, 1998. ISBN 0-671-57777-8 (HC)

Change of Command. Baen Books. December, 1999. ISBN 0-671-57840-5 (HC)

Against the Odds. Baen Books. December, 2000. ISBN 0-671-31961-2

Omnibus edition: Heris Serrano. Baen Books 2000 (combines Hunting Party, Sporting Chance, and Winning Colors)
ISBN:0-671-31961-2 (HC), ISBN:0-7434-3552-4 (Trade)
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Hunting Party Hunting Party
Heris Serrano--formerly a commander in the Regular Space Service--must take whatever job she can get after her resignation under a cloud. What she can get is the captaincy of a rich old lady's space yacht...a rich old horsewoman, who has little liking for the military, and whose spoiled nephew Ronnie (and his equally spoiled friends) have been foisted on her after his folly embarrassed the family. Lady Cecelia's only apparent interest is horses--she intends to go fox hunting on the private pleasure planet of a friend of hers, Lord Thornbuckle. But events conspire to make it far more than a fox hunt.
Sporting Chance Sporting Chance
Lady Cecelia is to mysteries what a pack of foxhounds is to a fox...and her interference brings her to disaster. But Captain Serrano isn't about to let her employer--and now her friend--be destroyed. With the help of Lady Cecelia's nephew and his friends, including Lord Thornbuckle's adventurous daughter, Heris plots a rescue, while trying to rebalance her own life and recover relationships with some of her former crew. In the process, she and Lady Cecelia bring down a government.
Winning Colors Winning Colors
Restored to her former state of health (and determination) Lady Cecelia goes in search of fresh bloodstock--she's had enough of politics. But once again she manages to put herself--and Heris Serrano--at the point where lightning will strike. This time it's invasion from the neighboring empire: The Benignity of the Compassionate Hand. Heris is only a civilian now, with a space yacht--what can she do in the face of a full-scale fleet of warships? But she is also a Serrano--born to lead.
Once a Hero Once a Hero
Esmay Suiza left her home planet of Altiplano to join the Regular Space Service, even though her family expected her to become the Landbride of their estancia. Altiplano is only an affiliate world of the Familias Regnant; they have no Seat in Council, and Esmay is not a command track officer...until, as the senior survivor of a mutiny, she takes command and saves the day. Now she's under some suspicion--why had she hidden such ability?--and takes a long leave at home. But old wounds return, and she returns to the Fleet, to be assigned to a Deepspace Repair Ship in her "proper" role as technical track. There she meets Barin Serrano, Heris's relative...and there she learns that ability cannot be hidden easily
Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement
Esmay Suiza, now reassigned to command track, is set for a tour on RSS's training planet. There she meets Lord Thornbuckle's daughter Brun, whose father is now the Chair of Council after the former king's abdication. Brun wants to take classes at the training facility; she has the vague idea of joining the military herself. Though Esmay and Brun might seem meant to be friends, Esmay's insecurities and Brun's insouciance clash--with dire results for both young women. Brun, headstrong and spoiled, takes off on her own and is captured by religious extremists; Esmay is blamed for Brun's fate and her career seemed headed for the cellar. But neither is a quitter, and in the end they both survive--scarred but wiser.
Change of Command Change of Command
As the use of rejuvenation procedures spreads through the upper classes of the Familias Regnant, the economic and political stagnation takes ever more toll on society--and on the neighboring empires as well. With the assassination of Lord Thornbuckle, the ultra-conservative faction in the Council tries to hold onto the status quo, reacting to all criticism as treason. Even the military is affected, with shakeups throughout the command structure, and cost-cutting measures in critical supplies that have serious consequences...and spark a mutiny. In this tumult, the Benignity renews its attacks, and no one's plans are safe.
Against the Odds Against the Odds
The concluding book of the Familias Regnant series points the way to a new paradigm for the Familias Regnant...with triumph for some of the main characters, personal joy for some, and bittersweet acceptance for others.
Heris Serrano The Serrano Legacy
Heris Serrano is a disgraced Regular Space Service officer who takes a job as a rich old lady's space yacht commander. Set in a universe where longevity treatments are beginning to have an impact on society, this seven-book series combines political intrigue both internal and interstellar, space battles, military infighting, horses, hot-air balloons, and a fairly serious consideration of the effects of long life and immortality on any society which finds a way to have them. For new readers, the best entry points are book one, Hunting Party, and book four, Once a Hero. The first three books are now available as Heris Serrano; the other four are still out in separate editions.


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