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The Speed of Dark. Nebula Award Winner 2003, Arthur C. Clarke Award Finalist 2003
Ballantine Books. January, 2003.
ISBN 0-345-44755-7 (HC)
eBook: 978-0-345-47220-5
ISBN 0-345-447549 (PB)
ISBN 0-345-447-54-9 (Trade paperback) Ballantine Reader's Circle edition, (This edition includes an author interview and a reading group discussion guide.)
Also an Easton Press selection.

Remnant Population. Hugo Finalist 1997
Del Rey. September 2003.
ISBN: 0-345-46219-X (Trade paperback)
eBook: 978-0-345-46220-6

Anne McCaffrey's Planet Pirates:

Sassinak. (with Anne McCaffrey) Baen Books. March, 1990. ISBN 0-671-69863

Generation Warriors. (with Anne McCaffrey) Baen Books. March, 1991. ISBN 0-671-72041-4

Omnibus edition: Planet Pirates. (with Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye; combines Sassinak, Generation Warriors, and Death of Sleep) Baen Books December 2000. ISBN 0-671-31962-0 (HC) ISBN 0-671-72187-9 (PB)

Short Stories

"ABCs in Zero G," Analog, 1986
"Sweet Dreams, Sweet Nothings," Analog, 1986
"A Delicate Adjustment," Analog, 1987
"Too Wet to Plow," Analog
"Gut Feelings," Analog
"The Generic Rejuvenation of Milo Ardry," Analog
"Gravesite Revisited," Analog*
"Just Another Day at the Weather Service," Analog
"Welcome to Wheel Days," New Destinies VII, Baen Books, 1989
"If Nudity Offends You," Fantasy and Science Fiction*
"New World Symphony," Fantasy and Science Fiction
"Politics," Far Stars Wars§, ed. Bill Fawcett, ROC, 1990
"The Perfect Hero," Amazing, 1991
"In Suspect Terrain," Siege of Arista§, ed. Bill Fawcett, ROC, 1991
"Risks of Memory," New Destinies IX, Baen Books, 1990
"Welcome to Wheel Days," New Destinies VI, Baen Books
"Aura," Fantasy & Science Fiction§, 1995
"Hand to Hand," Women at War, ed. Lois Bujold, January 1996
"Accidents Don't Happen..." Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear!, ed. Jody Lynn Nye, 1996
"The Last Battle," Armageddon, ed. David Drake, Billie Sue Moseman & Martin H. Greenberg, Baen, 1998
"Tradition," Alternate Generals, ed. Roland Green and Harry Turtledove, 1998
"Combat Shopping," Escape from Earth, ed by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois, SFBC, 2006
"Say Cheese," Moon Flights, Nightshade Books, 2007
"Chameleons" The New Space Opera 2, ed. Gardner Dozois & Jonathan Strahan. Harper-Collins, 2009
ISBN 978-0-06-156235-8
(* Reprinted in Lunar Activity)
(§ Reprinted in Phases)


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Speed of Dark

Speed of Dark
The Speed of Dark (2003 Nebula Award winner, Arthur C. Clarke Award finalist)
Lou is a high-functioning autistic adult who has made a good life for himself and is, he thinks, content. But a new manager in the pharmaceutical firm for which he works decides to put pressure on the unit that employs autistic persons. Lou is pressured to undergo an experimental treatment that might "cure" the autism he doesn't think needs curing, or risk losing his job--and certainly the accommodations the company has put in place for its autistic employees.
"Every once in a while, you come across a book that is both an important literary achievement and a completely and utterly absorbing reading experience--a book with provocative ideas and an equally compelling story. Such a book is The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon.... In Lou Arrendale, Moon has created an unforgettable character..." -- Review from South Florida Sun-Sentinel, December 29, 2002, by Pat MacEnulty, a freelance writer in Charlotte, N.C.
Remnant Population

Remnant Population (1997 Hugo Award finalist)
Ofelia, an elderly colonist most of whose family died on the colony planet, does not want to be transported somewhere else when the company loses its franchise on the planet where she's spent 40+ years. She evades the evacuation and expects to live out her life alone, the only person on the planet. For the first time in her long life, no one is telling her what to do, what to wear, how to spend her life--and she has a chance to discover who she really is.

Then she finds out who else lives on the planet, and circumstances force her to start caring once more what others think.

Sassinak Sassinak
Sassinak is a young girl on a colony planet who is captured and enslaved by pirates, only to be rescued finally and given a chance to join the military. She rises through the ranks to become commander of a cruiser with a burning desire to eliminate such pirates from the universe. It is her cruiser that rescues the survivors of the heavyworlder mutiny on the dinosaur planet.
Generation Warriors Generation Warriors
Sassinak, Lunzie, and others from the previous books set out to untangle the conspiracy that is designed to overcome legitimate government and put in place a tyranny...and they do.
Planet Pirates Planet Pirates
Having the chance to work with Anne McCaffrey on two of the volumes that make up Planet Pirates was one of the great experiences of my writing life. It's impossible to overestimate the importance to a novice writer of working with someone of Anne's experience, ability, and sensitivity. I learned much more than I could have anticipated-- the technical aspects of melding a new story with existing books (the Planet Pirates books are outgrowths of Anne's earlier Dinosaur Planet books), how to handle multi-viewpoint stories, how to invent and imagine alien viewpoints, and--just as important--how a great writer interacts with others--writers, editors, publishers, and fans. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.
Phases cover

Lunar Activity. Baen Books. 1990. ISBN 0-671-69870-2. Collects stories originally printed in magazines with one original story set in the fantasy universe of the Paksenarrion books.

Phases. Baen Books. 1997. ISBN 0-671-87855-7. Stories from Lunar Activity and others, previously uncollected, from various anthologies and magazines.

Moon Flights Moon Flights. Nightshade Books. 2007. ISBN : 1-59780-108-9 (limited edition). ISBN : 1-59780-109-7 (HC) Short stories both from the two previous published collections, as well as from uncollected short fiction, and a brand new story set in the Vatta universe .


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