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Ky Vatta has been the Grand Admiral of Space Defense Force since the victory celebrations after the Battle of Nexus.   She's always had a good excuse not to come home to Slotter Key, where her parents and siblings were killed, her childhood home blown to pieces...until now.   

It should be a short, simple, and not-too-painful visit home.   As the woman whose skills and courage saved billions of lives from domination by Gammis Turek, she can expect to be feted, interviewed, rewarded, Slotter Key's homegrown hero.  Or not.   Because old enemies are on the move,  and new ones are sprouting like dragons' teeth.


Vatta's War

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Trading in Danger. Del Rey. October, 2003. ISBN 0-345-44760-3 (HC), ISBN 0-345-44761-1 (PB)
Also available from Science Fiction Book Club
Also available as a Tantor audio book

Marque and Reprisal ( Moving Target from Orbit UK). Del Rey. September, 2004. ISBN 0-345-44758-1
Also available from Science Fiction Book Club
Also available as a Tantor audio book

Engaging the Enemy. Del Rey. April, 2006. ISBN 0-345-44756-5 (HC), ISBN 0-345-44757-3 (PB)
Also available from Science Fiction Book Club
Also available as a Tantor audio book (December 2008)

Command Decision. Del Rey. February, 2007. ISBN 978-0-345-49159-6 (HC)
Also available as a Tantor audio book (December 2008)

Victory Conditions. Del Rey. February, 2008. ISBN 978-0-345-49161-9(HC)
Also available as a Tantor audio book (January 2009)


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Trading in Danger In Trading in Danger, Ky Vatta, daughter of the wealthy and powerful trading family, chose to leave the family business and attend Spaceforce Academy...but in her final semester, she makes an error of judgment and is expelled. Her family puts her aboard an old tub of a spaceship, and tells her to take it off to the scrapyards--Ky looks for something better to do, and ends up in what seems to be a pirate attack on the planet where she's buying farm equipment.
Marque and Reprisal Marque and Reprisal begins with a murderous attack on the Vatta family and enterprise, leaving Ky bereft of family support and financial clout for the first time in her life. She must figure out who did it, why, and how to first survive, then rebuild Vatta...and if that means taking on an enemy that vastly outnumbers her, then sobeit.
Engaging the Enemy Old family roles and disagreements threaten to set Ky and Stella against each other in Engaging the Enemy. Stella is focused on Vatta family affairs and rebuilding the company, but Ky believes she must convince others to join a multi-system force to attack the enemy. This comes to a head when a problem from the past reappears and casts doubt on Ky's identity. Meanwhile, back home on Slotter Key, their Aunt Grace is determined to track down and punish those in government who let the Vatta family be sacrified to save their own skins.
Command Decision Command Decision, book four of Vatta's War: Ky Vatta, having survived a multi-ship battle and saved two other ships besides her own, remains determined to organize a force to avenge her family and keep Gammis Turek and his followers from conquering other worlds...even though she lacks almost everything such a campaign requires. But Ky isn't easily daunted, and after rescuing a shipload of refugees from another attack, she finds unlikely allies in the ebullient Teddy Ransome, whose own private force of pirate hunters is shockingly flamboyant. Meanwhile, her cousin Stella, trying to revive Vatta's commercial ventures, discovers that she has legal control of intellectual property ISC never meant to let out of its laboratories...which delights their Aunt Grace when she returns to influence as Slotter Key's Rector of Defense. Rafe Dunbarger, who had gone back to the ISC headquarters world to find out why his family had not contacted him in far too long, discovers the sinister plot at the center of the great monopoly, and must save his family from a traitor...but can he save ISC?
Victory Conditions Victory Conditions, book five of Vatta's War: When Ky Vatta takes command of the Slotter Key privateers and a few allies, she knows she's still outnumbered and outgunned by Gammis Turek and his allies. Worse, she realizes that he is planning to attack shipyards where large warships are under construction....not to destroy those ships, but to steal them. Most of the ships in her fleet were built as merchanters, and have already sustained structural damage--and every combat stresses them more, sometimes to the point of failure. Meanwhile, her distant cousin Toby is abducted by pirate agents who want to learn the secrets of the new Vatta shipboard ansibles, and Rafe Dunbarger, CEO of the beleaguered InterStellar Communications, is embroiled in a political and economic battle with ISC's Board of Directors and the government of Nexus. Prejudice against the Vatta family is so great that Nexus refuses to ally with Cascadia against Turek because Ky Vatta commands the fleet. Alone, with only the outdated ships of the ISC fleet to protect it, Nexus looks like easy prey for Turek....and controlling Nexus means gaining control of the galaxy-spanning communications system. Ky Vatta is the only hope if Nexus--and ISC--are to survive.


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Ky Vatta


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