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Your privacy matters.  Here is what you need to know about the collection of your data by this site.

This website, www.elizabethmoon.com, is owned by Elizabeth Moon
Your personal data is collected by this website only if you choose to fill the contact form on this website. 

The contact form is connected to an Earthlink email account.
     If you complete it, your data will be shared with Earthlink mail service as they route the mail to me and block known spam.

You can read Earthlink's privacy policy here: https://www.windstream.com/about/legal/Privacy-Policy

     When you send email using this link, your email will be downloaded to my personal computer. All emails include your email address and IP address and routing information.  That information remains on my computer until I delete it manually, usually when it appears a conversation is over.   
Email addresses are not shared with any person or entity without your permission except as legally required (e.g. to report abusive or threatening emails to law enforcement to determine the level of threat and whether a crime has been committed.)
This information applies to all parts of this site, including the sub-site Universes, but the embedded WordPress blog has its own privacy policy. 

Universes blog

Your personal data is collected on this blog only when you choose to make a comment, for the purpose of your comment being posted publicly on the site.  The data collected includes email address and IP address.
If you comment, your email address and IP address will be shared with WordPress (the blogsite generator) to allow for moderation and recognition of succeeding posts that pass moderation.  Your email and IP will be visible to this site's Admin (Elizabeth Moon) when reviewing comments.  The content of your comment will be visible to anyone reading comments and comments are retained on the site (not locally) until the available space is used up, when the oldest are purged.  If you wish a comment of yours to be deleted, contact me through the website. 

     You can access WordPress's privacy policy here:


Your data will also be shared with the spam blocker Akismet, a WordPress plug-in for WordPress blogs, for comparison with a list of spam comments; spam comments are transferred to a spam file and deleted by me in batches by the site admin.  Akismet retains the data in order to block additional spam.
You can access Akismet's privacy policy here:







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