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February 19, 2008

(Text about the fox is from email, Feb. 17)

Today when I went out to Owl for the afternoon birdhunt (it's GBBC weekend), I was sitting there quietly with Bird One on the camera...had photographed some sparrows, a couple of female cardinals...and I saw something larger move.
It was a gray fox! I took the first picture when it was still a little behind the cedar tree (the big one across the "stream" as you're sitting in Owl Pavilion)--didn't know if I'd get another chance.
photo photo

Then it came out from behind the cedar (I think, having heard the click) but it was upwind of me and I was *very* still.

For the third picture, I tried to focus on the eyes, which meant the feet were cut off even more. The third picture spooked it, and it whirled and trotted quickly in behind the cedar--peeking at me from behind (I could see it but was careful not to move *at all*. Maybe, like the vixen before, it will get less spooky...)
White-Crowned Sparrow
photo photo
Last spring, the Grapevine Epimenis moths, Psychomorpha epimenis, were on the wild plum--that's the only place I saw them. But this year, as soon as the elbowbush flowered--weeks before the wild plum--they were all over it. They flit around a lot and are hard to photograph. A bee on a honeysuckle blossom

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