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June 18, 2006

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On Monday, the roadrunner in the horse lot stayed down at the far end of the lot...but I got this picture of the alert stance. On Tuesday (I think it was) I spooked the roadrunner from near the horses' water trough and it zipped away...this is a grab shot through two fences, but you can' t mistake that outline.
photo photo
The male Blue Dashers, Pachydiplax longipennis, are trying to defend territory at the pond--this one got in a "discussion" with a male Great Spreadwing about perching rights on an iris leaf--and for the moment, it won. I love the crinkled-cellophane look of the wings in the morning sun. A closer view of a male Neon Skimmer, Libellula croceipennis, perched on a bamboo stick at the pond, where he was defending territory.
photo photo
In midweek, the water in the lower swamp had gone down a lot, showing bare mud banks with crayfish holes in them. At high water, it's up to the vegetation line. The south woods trail, between the creek and the lower swamp...this is from Saturday afternoon, when the morning's rain had freshened the green and made the walking sticky.
One afternoon a week or so ago, this bright green little bug caught my eye as it moved rapidly across the thin grass. It's the nymph of some bug, probably a stink bug or shield bug.

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