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March 19, 2006

With thanks to Karen Shull, who took this picture--this is the kind of odd light we had late on Saturday afternoon last weekend. She took a number of lovely pictures of it.
The scarlet buckeye is a central Texas native which usually grows in canyons, under cover of other trees. We have one in the back yard, but it's grown very, very slowly--this is not the ideal habitat for it. It's stunning in early spring, but within a few weeks the leaves will 'burn' and then drop off, leaving it scraggly to naked for the rest of the year. Still, for these flowers...
I found this on the underside of a dead leaf that I fished out of the pond. I think (but am not sure) that it's a water strider. It was alive, but the day was chilly and it didn't want to move much.
photo photo
Last year, we dug up (with permission) old white and yellow iris from a lot that was going to be scraped off for construction. White and yellow iris are hardy around here, though not native, and I love them. We planted them in the angles of the snake fence. Two white ones opened on March 15. Here's a closeup of the other one. To me, iris have the same kind of beauty as orchids, only more so.

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