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November 20, 2005

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Just because we had Thanksgiving early didn't mean we couldn't decorate and have a real T-day table. The Caddo maple is right outside the bedroom window, where in autumn it lights up the view.
Rancher John McLean brought his tractor and trailer over to help us move many loads of rock and drill some holes for the uprights of the future rain barns.
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John's mighty Kubota picks up a load of rocks...the toothbar on the bucket really helps in scooping up rocks. John brought his tractor over on this flatbed trailer, which is now loaded with chunks of hackberry from a dead tree Richard cut down--it was in a dangerous location where it could have fallen on one of as we walked past.
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This stretch through the west creek woods was dangerously uneven for the John Deere, thanks to old eroded cattle trails and the Westbrook tributary. It was also impassable for any vehicle hauling construction materials. Since we want a rain barn in the southwest meadow, we had to do something about the Westbrook crossing. In time, the ugly white "construction road" look should mellow out. Rocks in the ditch at the far side of the near meadow should make it easier to get vehicles across the ditch. Normally we walk, but when construction companies deliver posts, lumber, roofing, etc, for the new rain barns...and when I take the tractor with the big shredder across...this should help. I don't like how it looks, but it should mellow with age.

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